Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Bloom

Hi there! I really love the Love Always collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio and decided to have more fun with it. Here’s one of the little girl when she was about 5 months old. The kiddos certainly look like each other!

Bloom FN.jpg

All details are on CVS’ blog today. So head over to see more pictures and how this page came together.


Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Special

One of the greatest joys I have these days is to see my children playing together and showering love on one another. While I know that they really do love each other, I often allow all the fights and tiffs to overshadow those moments of pure affection. I know that I have to scrap this series of photos, where the older two declared that they wanted to dress in similar colours and had so much fun hamming up for my camera.

Special FN.jpg

I created this page using the latest collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio – Make A Wish. All details for this page are on the blog today. Do head on over for more pics and a walk through on how this page came together.

Note to self: Stare at this page when you find yourself angry with these two little ones! =)

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Love You

Have you seen Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s latest collection, Love Always? It’s a gorgeous collection filled with the softest pinks, greys and teal. I really love it and had so much fun creating with it for my page today:

Love You FN.jpg

Because I had numerous photos of my daughter that I wanted to scrap, I created an accompanying pocket page:

Love You PL FN.jpg

All details are on CVS’ blog today. Do join me there!


Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Sweet Memories

Do you enjoying stitching on your layouts? I do! And these days, I enjoy using cut files as my stitching templates. For my latest layout for Cocoa Vanilla Studio, I did exactly just that, and here’s the result:

Sweet Memories FN.jpg

All the details for this page can be found on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog today. I really love the effect of the stitching and the overall soft feel of this page. I hope you are inspired to create something similar too!