Hello there! I’m on Timeless Twine’s blog today. Though Christmas is over, I thought it would be fun to share this Christmas cards gift set I created for the season – something that I could either give as a present or even send to various love ones.

Given how busy everyone is during the days leading up to Christmas, I think it makes for fast work to create cards from a same collection of patterned papers and adorn them with twine. I used twine in different ways for each card and I think these ways can easily be used for non-Christmasy cards as well.  Be it as a ribbon, free style wrap around (loosely or tight) or merely a few strands in the background, twines are the perfect embellishment for cards. To tie everything together further, I used stamps from Bella Creationz’s new Christmas stamp set. Love it to bits!

Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you are inspired by my ideas that went into this set of cards to create cards of your own using twine.

Holiday Sentiments Stamp Set

Olive Green Timeless Twine


Timeless Twine: Christmas Tree Trio

Salutations everyone! With Christmas coming really soon, I am so, so excited to be sharing with you this project today on Timeless Twine’s blog – a trio of Christmas trees I created using some paper cones and twines.

I wound twine around each cone (these came from the centers of some wool spools I had) and embellished them with sequins, pearls and buttons I had on hand. I love how these can be customized to fit your family’s color scheme for the season and the colors on these twines are so stunning!

To complete the entire project, I added some sentiments from Bella Creationz’s latest Holiday Sentiments stamp set. These are totally gorgeous and so, so versatile!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you have loads of fun creating for the holiday ahead!

  Sparkly Clear Sequins (coming soon)

Timeless Twine: Autumn Floral Piece

Salutations! I love the colors of Fall and thought it would be great if I could create a floral arrangement that would capture the colors and last for awhile. So here’s what I am sharing on Timeless Twine’s blog today:

I wove some Autumn Splendor twine to create some blooms. To these, I stitched on some buttons and beads. Once they were completed, they were tied to paper straws and adorned with stamped leaves.

For the box, I upcycled a paper box by wrapping it with patterned paper and more twine. To tie everything together, I lined the box with brown paper before placing the flowers in the box. Leaves were also adhered to the front of the box.

Thanks for joining me today. If you are looking to buy some Autumn Splendor twine, this is the perfect time to do so. They are now selling for $2.25 a spool! My, that’s a deal!

I hope you have some fun this Fall and enjoy all the gorgeous colors around!

 Paper Straws

Timeless Twine: Fall Down Under

Hi there! Is it Autumn already? I love this season, especially all the wonderful colors around. While I might not be able to enjoy this season here in Singapore, I remember with immense fondness all the autumns we had while living in Australia. I thought it was only timely to scrap this photo I have of the capital city – Canberra during Fall and I am sharing this on Timeless Twine’s blog:

I love the colors in these Bo Bunny papers that I have kept for some time and decided that they matched my photo perfectly. Because of all the patterns on the paper, I kept my page fairly simple, choosing to really embellish the flower bloom with some equally yummy Autumn Splendor twine. I think the addition of twine on a page brings to the layout a certain texture and added softness.

I added some other embellishments and a sprinkling of sequins to tie everything together. And my page was completed.

Thank you for taking the time to join me today. I hope you have a wonderful time this fall and if you are thinking of getting some of those gorgeous Autumn Splendor twine, now is the time to do so, especially since they are now going for just $2.25 a roll!

Autumn Splendor Sale

Have fun! AND here’s a head’s up – these yummy twines are going at an unbelievable price! Do check them out!

Halloween twine sale

Timeless Twine: October Monthly Planner Page

Salutations! We are right past the middle of October and I can tell you that I am counting down to the last few days before baby #3 makes an appearance in our household. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether he/she will be an October end or early November baby. Nonetheless, my planner is really getting a workout these days, as I write down all sorts of stuff we need to get done before sleepless nights make a comeback again=) I am sharing my October monthly page on Timeless Twine’s blog today.

I love Autumn and for this month, I found it fun to have leaves cascading down my pages and to demarcate each day’s box, I used a banner stamp to do so. I like how using different inks add so much to contributing the right feel here.

I used the Autumn Splendor twine here as a color inspiration for these pages and by simply adhering some of the twine to a couple of leaves, I have the perfect embellishment for these pages!

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a delightful Autumn! AND here’s a head’s up – these yummy twines are going at an unbelievable price! Do check them out!

Halloween twine sale

Also, Autumn Splendor twine is going at $2.25 a roll. My oh my!

Autumn Splendor Sale

planNERD 2 Clear Stamps Set – Planner Stamps

 Timeless Twine™ – Autumn Splendor – Fall bakers twine

Timeless Twine: Lil’ Pumpkins

Are you all ready for Halloween? Hi there! Today, on Timeless Twine’s blog, I’m sharing a quick and easy way to get into action for the festivities without having to slave for hours. Here are some little pumpkin treat bags that are fast and easy to create:

To create these, I filled my kraft bags with some yummy candies and twisted the tops tight. I adhered some green washi tape to these, before tying on some twine in the colors of Halloween. Should you be pressed for time, you can stop right there and these would still be a cute. I went a step further and embellished these, just to up the fun factor.

Hope you have a great time crafting for this holiday! AND here’s a head’s up – these yummy twines are going at an unbelievable price! Do check them out!

Halloween twine sale

Pumpkin Orange Bakers Twine

Timeless Twine: Say it Write – Boo!

Hello there! Today, I’m sharing with you something fun I created for Halloween on Timeless Twine’s blog. While Halloween is not celebrated as widely here as it is in Singapore, I thought it would be fun to create something that not just fits in with the festival, but also serve as a fun and cute gift. So, that set the tone for these cute looking pencil toppers:

These little critters were really fun to create. I made three pom-poms, each of a different fluff level and went to town embellishing them with goggly eyes. For the spider, I inserted some pipe cleaners in the middle for legs and added a little bow for that additional touch of cuteness.

Once I was happy with how these looked, I hot glued them to the top of some pencils and they were ready to be given as gifts. You might even want to use these as embellishments on straws at a Halloween party or perhaps as a gift topper. The possibilities are endless! I hope you have some pom-pom critter fun!