Timeless Twine: Say it Write – Boo!

Hello there! Today, I’m sharing with you something fun I created for Halloween on Timeless Twine’s blog. While Halloween is not celebrated as widely here as it is in Singapore, I thought it would be fun to create something that not just fits in with the festival, but also serve as a fun and cute gift. So, that set the tone for these cute looking pencil toppers:

These little critters were really fun to create. I made three pom-poms, each of a different fluff level and went to town embellishing them with goggly eyes. For the spider, I inserted some pipe cleaners in the middle for legs and added a little bow for that additional touch of cuteness.

Once I was happy with how these looked, I hot glued them to the top of some pencils and they were ready to be given as gifts. You might even want to use these as embellishments on straws at a Halloween party or perhaps as a gift topper. The possibilities are endless! I hope you have some pom-pom critter fun!


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