Clique Kits: August Pep Rally


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by as part of the Clique Kits August Pep Rally!

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So I love the greys and yellows in this lovely Ambrosia kit and decided that they were perfect for scrapping about the time we went cherry picking in Young, Australia. All those fruity embellishments and icons in this kit made putting this page together a cinch!

Young FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #papercraft #ckdesignteam #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee

Interestingly on this page, with the name of the place being Young and the whole idea of planting and gathering cherries, I like the double meaning on all the words, hence the choice of using the photo of my little girl picking cherries. You know, the whole idea of her being young, and growing continually…. Seeing these photos make me crave for cherries again and all the fun we had that day at the cherry festival!

I love those gold alpha stickers included in the kit and I think they make for a really stunning title. See that plant label “Grow where you are planted”? That’s a printable for CK and I think they are so, so fun to use! Of late, I seem to be drawn to both sides of a piece of patterned paper and have a compulsion of featuring them on the same page. Here, I took the simple approach of placing them horizontally on top of each other, unified by banners across them.

Thank you once again for stopping by. I hop the fun continues for you, as you head off next to the ever so creative Sandy’s blog. Enjoy and stay young!


14 thoughts on “Clique Kits: August Pep Rally

  1. nicolemartel says:

    How cute is this. Love how you used the printable. I tried to use that print, but couldn’t make it work for my layout! 🙂 This is fab.

  2. CoraLee says:

    What a fun and colorful layout! I love the design, and I love the placement of your title and journaling strips! Thanks for sharing! ~CoraLee 🙂

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