Timeless Twine: Drive On!

Hello there! today on Timeless Twine’s blog, I’m sharing with you my pocket style page spread about the time when I learnt to drive while pregnant with my first kid. I was fortunate to be taught by my wonderful husband how to drive when we were residing in Australia and we took the opportunity to go on frequent roadtrips in order for me to have ample practice on the road. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

We had so many wonderful memories in the 74 days I took to get my license that I needed 3 pocket style pages to do this life experience justice. I used a predominantly bright pink and yellow color scheme for these pages. I love how the raspberry pink and lemonade yellow twines were a perfect fit for this color scheme.

I also had fun embellishing these pages using Chic Tag’s papers and wood veneers. I think the tags, gold doilies and Hello Summer stamp set were the perfect elements to complement and capture all the wonderful times we had going around Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to join me today. The products I used to complete these pages are as follow:

 Raspberry Pink Bakers Twine

 Lemonade Yellow Bakers Twine

 4″ Metallic Gold Doilies

Neon Gift Tags

 Multi-colored Gift Tags

Hello Summer Clear Stamp Set

 Jumbo Kraft Heart Stickers

Arrow Stickers (Coming Soon)



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