Be Happy Wednesday!

Hello Everyone! It’s mid-week and I am up on Timeless Twine’s blog to share with you a little something that will hopefully add a little color and cheer to your Wednesday.

I created this little poster which is framed by a clipboard and I think it is a lovely gift to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Here’s a closer look:

I used twine two ways on this project:

1. Free form word

To create the word “be”, I coated a strand of twine with a little glue paste and spelled the word before it dried.

2. Twine covered word

In the case of “happy”, I wound twine around each letter and adhered them to gold foil adhesive paper for an additional shine.

What really makes me happy in this project are the sequins – it’s amazing how many colors there are in the mix!

Here are the products used in this project:

I hope this project made you a little happier and that you will have some twine fun soon!


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