PlanNERD Sunday: My March Monthly Page

Salutations! I’m sharing with you a peek of my planner for this month on Timeless Twine blog.

I like variety in my planner and often times, I find myself trying out something different for each month. For the month of March, I decided that I would stamp my pages and have two squares for each day of the month so that there is more space for me to write. I love the drink bottle stamp found in Plan to be Fit and used that for this month’s pages to record my water intake.

I used an old 7Gypsies stamp that I had to stamp each square and accompanied each one with the list stamp found in the planNERD 2 stamps set. I also stamped the circle and arrow list icons from planNERD stamps set beside each list so that I have something to tick against. I went with orange and green for this month decided that some green reinforcement rings would add some color to the pages. I also used the circle bits from the rings to embellish the top of the page for some added fun.

After using a brush to write “March”, I though it would be fun to stamp a geotag on the top. I also added a white arrow sticker on the right and stamped some stars on it. For a final touch, I used the arrow stamp from planNERD to create borders on the top and bottom of the pages.

Thank you for joining me today and here is a list of the products I used to create my pages:

Green Circle Reinforcement Stickers


2 thoughts on “PlanNERD Sunday: My March Monthly Page

  1. mimi2trentdrewsloane says:

    Sophie, great ideas for your planner! I love how everyone can use the same stamp sets and come up with completely new ideas!

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