Cross Stitching with Twine

Salutations everyone! I am on Timeless Twine’s blog today to share with you how I cross stitched on my layout using twine.

See those five hearts on this page? They were created using the following simple steps before I adhered them to the page.

Step 1: Cut out a square in your size of choice (I used 9 x 9 cm). Create a grid pattern and punch out the points of intersection.

Step 2: Paint your background with water color, should you like an additional pop of color.

Step 3: Cross stitch your heart pattern through the holes of the grid. For an additional touch, I also stitched around each square. In order to get bolder lines on each heart, I used double stands of twine.

And that’s it! Your cross-stitched heart is ready for you to use on a card or page! I used Chic Tag’s patterned papers and embellishments for this layout and loads of the following fun Timeless Twine:

Have loads of fun cross stitching on your page!


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