Move it Monday: Pajaki Chandelier

Salutations! Thank you for taking the time to join me today. Sophie here and from my earlier posts, you should gather by now that I REALLY LOVE COLOR. So, it is no surprise today that I went crazy once again with my twines and created my very own pajaki chandelier which I have been meaning to create for a while now. Pajaki chandeliers are decorative Polish paper mobiles typically made from straws and scrap paper. I love how festive they look and think they are the perfect embellishment to brighten any space!

In my interpretation of this darling project, I built the structure using red stripes paper straws and yellow polka dots paper straws before adorning it with tassels and mini pom-poms made using Lemonade Yellow Bakers Twine and twines from the Sorbet Collection. I also draped my beloved yellow bead necklace, which sadly broke, around it. Throw on some paper flowers and a gold doily at the base and I was truly happy.

See that tassel at the bottom of the chandelier? I decided that it would be fun to create it with two lengths and color of twine and the Timeless Twine Sorbet Collection twines complement each other so well for this purpose.

And with that, my chandelier is completed and I love how happy it makes me! Have fun creating one too!

4″ Metallic Gold Lace Doilies


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