Sequin/Shaker Saturday: A Valentine’s Day Flower Pot Gift

Hello everyone! I’m on Timeless Time blog today, sharing a project specially created for Valentine’s day!

Presenting my very own crochet flower pot!

This gift has a surprise element to it. See that crochet flower at the top? It’s a brooch!

And the cup? It’s doubles up as a twine holder, which I filled with some yummy Timeless Twine as an additional gift for the recipient.

I crocheted the flower using Strawberry Cupcake Timeless Twine (interestingly, it’s call Valentines Bakers Twine too!), Natural Baker’s Twine and Olive Green Timeless Twine for the leaves. I also stitched on some White Frost sequins for additional shine and a flower brooch is birthed. As for the flower pot, that was created using those really cute small white cups from Bella Creationz. I wrapped a wood grain patterned paper around it and it was ready to go. I also attached piece of patterned paper and a gold heart sticker beneath the brooch so that cup still looks totally cute as a twine holder after the brooch is removed.

Because I wanted a place to write a note, I also created a mini card. I stitched a piece of vellum to a Mason jar image and adding some yummy sequins within. To tie it in with my flower pot, I topped it with a crocheted heart that has some sequins too. This heart was created using Strawberry Cupcake (I really love the color of this particular twine) Timeless Twine. Using the Happy Days Clear Stamp Set, I stamped on a greeting and I was all ready with a gift for my special Valentine!

I hope you experience much love, not just today, but everyday. Blessed Valentine’s Day and much love to you!

White Frost Sequins (Coming Soon)

Metallic Poppin Pink (Coming Soon)

Gold Heart Stickers (Coming Soon)


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