Happy Days at School

One of the motivations for me to scrapbook is to record all the wonderful memories of my kids growing up. When I saw all the happy colors in my products from the Clique Kits store, I knew that they would be perfect for a pocket style layout, chronicling my girl’s first year in Nursery.

PL Peace FN

The colors in My Mind’s Eye Jubilee Tangerine 6 x 6 pad are perfect for this layout, since orange is th predominant color in the little one’s uniform. I love how easily the pages came together, thanks to all the happy patterns in the papers. A closer look at the pages:

PL Peace 1 FN

PL Peace 2 FN

I loved the papers so much that I went on to create a page about conversations I have with my darling each morning, as we walk to school:

Chit Chat Small FNThanks for stopping by and should you find yourself wanting to buy something in the Clique Kits Store, don’t forget to use the code SOPHIE10 to get a 10% discount off your purchase!



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