Are You A Twineaholic?

Yes I am! And yes, you are in the right place if you share my crazy love for twine! I’m sharing on Timeless Twine’s blog my layout that celebrates all the wonderful colors found in Timeless Twines.

Being a lover of tassels, I created one in every color of Timeless Twine I have. I placed them in a circle, water colored around them and tahdah! A fun color wheel of twines that is the perfect cure for all twineaholics!

I embellished the layout with loads of heart. See the kraft heart sticker? It’s the perfect embellishment to customize and I colored it in with my black and white pens to get a geometric effect. I sprinkled on some gold heart stickers, sequins and black paint and it’s done!

I hope you like this as much as I do and that you are inspired to create a whole bunch of twine tassels for yourself too!

Gold Heart Stickers (Coming soon)


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