Christmas Is Here!

In our home, we try to create and make our own tree each year. It all started because we were living overseas and did not want to accumulate too much stuff. When the little ones came along, it made more sense to “customize” our tree each year, so that we can avoid having the tree pulled down. It also made them love their trees even more, when they were involved in the whole creative process.

 Christmas Tree 2014

Our tree this year is made up of 25 ornaments, each embellished with different Christmassy items that I love. I used stuff found in the Clique Kits Store to create many of these ornaments. Love Pink Paislee’s Merry and Bright collection to bits!

Here’s a close up of the ornaments:

Christmas Tree 2014 Star Small

A Star for no. 1 as it graces the top of our tree.

Christmas Tree 2014 2-4 Small

No. 2 -4. The Little Girl loves no. 3, which she describes as “sparkly like the star that led the Wise Men to Baby Jesus!”

Christmas Tree 2014 5-8 Small

No. 5 to 8. My row of favourites. Love the “Joy” on No. 5 and the amount of texture that corrugated paper from Fancypants Designs add to that particular ornament. For No. 6, I wound twine around the ornament to create the snowflake effect, before embellishing it further with gems.The wonderful typography found on Pink Paislee’s Merry & Bright paper was perfect for No. 7 and I love that wreath made using punched flowers for No. 8.

Christmas Tree 2014 9-14 Small

No. 9 -14.

See No. 12? The Little Girl created that one. Taught her how to wine twine on the ornament and she was so happy to be able to contribute to this creation. Embellished it with some pretty items and tadah! Done.

Christmas Tree 2014 15-21 Small

No. 15 – 21.

hat flair button on No. 16 is full of Christmas cheer, specially designed by Clique Kits. Love it!

Christmas Tree 2014 22-25 Small

No. 22 – 25. That silver foil word sticker from Pink Paislee is totally a dream to create with. Love the shine it adds to all these ornaments.

We have plans to keep these ornaments for the next few years to come – either as an advent calendar or to adorn our tree, should we ever get one. =)

If you love to buy some stuff at the Clique Kits store, don’t forget to use SOPHIE10 to get 10% off your purchase!






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