When the skies are grey…

It’s the school holidays here in Singapore. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been the greatest either. Because of the crazy stormy weather we have been experiencing of late, the little girl and I have been having loads of conversations about how thunder is made, what is lightning, how rain is formed and the likes. I thought a weather chart will help her to be more aware of weather changes and also to encourage her to read.

So I went to my desk, laid eyes on all the gorgeous and happy colors found in the Doodlebug papers that I have been creating with lately and decided that these will be used to create the chart. Nothing like having color on grey days. The little one fell  fell in love with the little critters from the Happy Camper line as well. So I made this for her:

Weather Chart, @ Colortypes Sophie, #doodlebugdesigns

A weather chart that she can spin the arrow each day to reflect the weather. Love how goggly eyes make paper cuter! She has loads of fun each daily peering out of the window and updating the chart accordingly.

Weather Chart Top, @colortypes sophie, #doodlebugdesigns

We had loads of fun talking about how we should create each circle – what embellishments to use to capture each weather condition. Her favorite – cloudy. “All the clouds have eyes, Mummy!” Mine? Stormy. Just because that grey cloud spits gold lightning. She also had a good laugh at “Windy”, where all the acorns and tent are flying because of the wind. Love how she has noticed the details on this project!

I thought it will be helpful to have sections to capture the day and month as well. So these were added to the chart:

Weather Chart Day, @colortypes sophie, #doodlebugdesigns

A section where she can change the day each morning, and one for the month:

Weather Chart Month, @colortypes sophie, #doodlebugdesigns

Each section was made to resemble different parts of the environment: the sky (the circular part of the chart), earth (day) and sea (month). So glad that she loved it and looks forward to updating this chart daily.

Wishing you sunny days and happy hearts!



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