Hi Beautiful Card

These few weeks have been tough. We are missing Down Under terribly, especially since September marks a year since our return. It didn’t help that I chose this period of time to sort through my photos, thereby filling myself visually with loads of pictures of wonderful times we had with friends and experiences we cherished in Australia. I found myself stopping a few times. just so that I can give thanks for the memories, while reminding myself that my present is as wonderful, if I learn to count my blessings. The best cure for homesickness (we consider Canberra our second hone)? Create.

So I sat myself at my desk, played around with whatever was on hand and made this:

Hi Beautiful Card Small

I had fun playing with my spray, handwriting the greeting on the front and using some shiny pink thread that I found in my sewing kit. I like how the thread gives additional dimension and shine, without adding too much bulk to the overall effect.

Hi Beautiful Card Detail


Interestingly, after completing the card, I realized that the colors on it were exactly that of Clique Kits’ and Pinkfresh Studios! Perfect project for me to link up for the September challenge that Clique Kits is having right now. Pinkfresh Studio is giving one randomly chosen winner a goody bag filled with Pinkfresh Studio product valued at USD25.00! Have a go too and link up your project. All the details can be found here.

I am thankful for this passion that is therapeutic and allows me to relive fond memories for the past. Thankful too that yes, I am almost done with sorting my photos and soon, they will be ready for me to compile them all into layouts and pocket style pages! Will share more on how that develops another time soon.



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