Clique Kits Varsity Team

So, this news has seen me grinning for the last few days…
I am part of Clique Kits’ Varsity Team! This is the kit’s very first design team and I am totally, totally honored and humbled to be selected. I had a blast guest designing for them back in May and was convinced that a kit is the way to go when a Mama has to mind two kids on a daily basis and wants to get some scrapping done as well. So being selected is certainly an answered prayer and a dream come true!

To Gia, Erica, Lacey and Jody, thank you for believing in me, for this totally amazing opportunity and for all the love you pour into each amazing kit. The colors and stuff in each kit is the best I have seen around! So let’s bring out the pom poms and shout, “C-K”!



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