Staying At Home

After 4 years of staying at home to mummy the little ones, I have to admit that I am grateful for the opportunity. Sure, there were days I questioned what in the world I was doing, wondering what would have happened if I had continued working or if I will ever become out of touch with the world.

Nonetheless, it is the simple joy of witnessing these two play together, master a new skill, learn to be a better person that reminds me why we had decided for me to stay home in their growing years. No regrets staying home during this season of my life and a layout to always remind me that. Love how that picture was taken on Sage’s first day of school and it was raining. While the picture might not be the clearest, I treasure it dearly, given that it’s the only one I have of us walking to school together, what more with Seth in the sling. Surely this mama has to learn to weather all kinds of conditions! Pulled out some Cosmo Cricket papers for this page, as I attempt to use what is already in my stash.

SAHM Small


Yet, their spark and cheer never fails to uplift my spirits, so here’s one of Seth, beaming like a cheshire cat. He’s certainly my sonshine. Again, papers from Cosmo Cricket used here, with the remaining used in the page above. I like how my supplies are being stretched! Yes to savings!

Sonshine Small

 Back to mummying now and hopefully more scrapping when the sleep=)


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