Ribbons Galore

 I enjoy working with ribbons and was absolutely delighted to find out that May Arts Ribbons is doing a design team call. Oh what a thrill it will be, if I were selected to be a Prima Ribbonista! Nonetheless, creating these were totally fun too and thank you May Arts for taking the time to read this =). Here are the three projects that I created for this call.


Project #1: Fourever Layout

Fourever Small

I like using ribbons on pages. Ribbons provide texture and shine to a creation and I have the option of having them flat or tied for added dimension. I tried layering ribbons in different ways for this page.

Materials Used:

Assorted Ribbons

2 pieces white cardstock, one embossed (optional)

1 ribbon roll

Black pen

Embellishments and photo

1. I started by drawing circles of different sizes on my embossed piece of cardstock, which is also my top piece. I found a roll of ribbon to be really useful for this task. The external  and internal circumferences are just perfect for this task.

2. Cut out drawn circles from the top cardstock. Using the top cardstock as a template, I traced the same circles onto another piece of cardstock, which is the bottom piece. This is where all the ribbons will be attached to).

3. Paint around each circle on the top cardstock if you would like additional color on your page. See the pencil marking in the circle? It’s there for me to know what color to outline each circle with. I also used a black pen to outline each circle after they were painted.

Fourever Circle Detail Small

4. Now for the fun bit. Select an assortment of ribbons that will complement your color scheme. I went with blues, purples and green for this one.

Fourever Circle Ribbons Detail Small

Attach your selected ribbons to the back of each circle. There are different ways to go about doing this.

Weave it.

 First, attach strips of 3/16″ ribbon vertically to the back cardstock using washi tape.

Fourever How 1 Small

Next, attach similar ribbons horizontally to the back cardstock using washi tape.

Fourever How 2 Small

Ensure that your ribbons cover the drawn circle completely. Starting on the right, weave the ribbons, alternating between vertical and horizontal all the way to the left. Ensure that ribbons lay flat and tight against each other for a tight weave.

Fourever Ribbon Weave Detail Small

Layer it. 

I layered two different color ric-rac to create this lookt:

Fourever How 3 Small

Fourever Ribbon Ricrac Detail Small

Knot it. 

Twine was knoted before adhering behind a circle. I did this on three seperate strands of twine before adhering them to the bottom cardstock:

Fourever Ribbon Knots Detail Small

Tape it.

Other ribbons were taped onto the back cardstock to cover each circle. I used ribbons of different widths, such as 3/8″ and 1/2″. Laces were also used for added texture. Once all circles are covered, the back cardstock will look like this:

Fourever How 4 Small

 5. Align top cardstock with the bottom cardstock and you will have the ribbons peeking out through the holes.

Fourever How 6 Small

 6. The page is completed after adding a photo and embellishments. Tadah! Your very own customised ribbon background.


Project #2: Ribbon Mobile

I love upcycling and creating home decor pieces using my supplies. On a rainy day, together with my kids, we came up with our very own ribbon mobile: 


Ribbon Mobile 1 Small


See the hoop around which I looped and knotted the 3/8″ ribbons to? That was made using a plastic ice-cream tub lid. I cut out the middle part of the lid, leaving only the rim to form the hoop.

Ribbon Mobile 2 small

 Paper flowers were die-cut using my sizzix machine and paired with paper leaves that were handcut. These were threaded onto bakers’ twine and attached to the hoop as well. I like how there isn’t really a need to ensure that all the ribbons and twine are of the same length. The differences in length add to the charm of this creation. Our ribbon mobile now hangs proudly in our study and the kids are thrilled to play below it, pretending that they are under a waterfall.

Ribbon Mobile 3 Small


Project #3: Cinnamon Bouquet

I love the smell of cinnamon. By tying a bunch of them together and embellishing it with rosettes and leaves, these make a quick and easy gift.

 Cinnamon Bouquet Small

These rosettes were created using 1/2″ ribbon seam binding. Satin ribbons will be a great option to make these rosettes with as well. 3/8″ brown and patterned ribbons were tied around the bunch of cinnamon sticks, before topping them with the bouquet.

Cinnamon Bouquet Detail

I love how fast it is to create these, making it easy for me to whip up a gift whenever needed. It would be lovely to pair these with essential oils as a present.

I had loads of fun using ribbons in these projects and am glad that I could challenge myself thanks to this call. Thank you May Arts for taking the time to consider my application. I can’t wait to read about your next Prima Ribbonista Team!


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