More Clique Kits Fun

I like working with a kit. It limits what I have on the table, and it challenges me to use up as much of the stuff as possible. I wanted to create a layout that was not all totally colorful, but something a little more graphic and to chronicle a really fun moment for Seth – his first taste of durians! For my uninitiated friends, durians is one of those fruits that you either love it, or hate it. This little boy was not even 1 year old when I decided the litmus test had to be conducted. The verdict? Well, have a look:

ImageSeth LOVES durians!!! After his first bite, he was practically pulling my hand towards his face, so that I could feed him more of the said fruit. He also started shouting, “Mummm, MUMMMM!!!!” He is definitely part of this durian loving family and the happiest member is my dad, who bought the little man some yumminess for his first birthday=)

A challenge I set for myself with this kit was to use the packaging found in the kit in my creations as well. I love how the box the journalling cards came in resembled a frame and created this with it.

Image After selecting the phrase card “Always look on the Bright Side”, I attached it to the cardboard back of the packaging box. I glued the plastic piece in place and cut some gold foil paper to form a frame round it. Add, some patterned paper banner, sequin hearts, hand-drawn sunnies and a brown paper bag (also from the kit’s packaging!) sun, it’s all done! Sage has staked claim over this one for her room. It will be a good reminder for me, before I yell at her for creating a mess in the room=)

If you are a fellow kit subscriber, I hope you are having fun with your kit. If you are passionate about creating, then I hope you have some fun today with some packaging!!! Cheers!


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