Clique Kits Student of the Month – May

Clique Kits Logo

I am totally thrilled and privileged to be selected as Clique Kits’ Student of the Month for May!!!
Thank you ladies for this opportunity and I must say that “Field Trip”, the kit for this month, is totally right up my alley!

Field Trip Kit

Though thematically this kit is about travels and we do have loads of travelling to document, I decided to create a few pages about exploration in a different sense of the word. Here’s “Wheeeelz”, a page about Sage’s success with cycling. She has been learning under the Significant Other’s patient guidance and she finally figured out how to pedal.

Wheeeelz Small

After placing all the embellishments on this page, and I must say those  Fancy Pants cards are such fun to create with, I was thinking of a way to tie everything together. I wanted to have an element revoloving round Sage’s bike and short of getting her to cycle over the page, I was at a lost. My brainwave moment came while playing with the kids (of course). Lego, I love you! Grabbed one of those wheels pieces, inked a wheel black and “cycled” around the page. No rights or wrongs there. Just have fun and I was thrilled at the effect this created. Yes!

One of my favorite item in this kit? The gold foil paper. So much potential! I am a traditional sizzix gal without a Silhouette, so what I did was to die cut the letters that spelled “gold” three times and layered them to give it dimension. Seth scored a page here, aptly titled, “Stay Gold”. Love the shine the foil gives and the effect of pairing gold with the woodgrain patterned paper is something I was very happy with.

Stay Gold Small Love your smile my boy, and always remember, stay true, be yourself and stay gold! That roll of green chevron washi tape was helpful in giving this page a pop of color and focus. So happy with this one. When one cannot decide which side of a patterned paper to use, I say cut a part of it, flip it around and use it as a strip on the side! Problem solved.

Finally, using scraps from creating “Stay Gold”, I decided a pop-up card was in order. So “Chin Up” was made, with a cheerful orange background, totally needed to bring a smile to it’s recipient.

Chin Up Card Small

I like how the guess work is minimised when I use similar embellishments and scraps from creating a page for a card. I stretch the potential of my supplies, reduced wastage and save time in the process. A little trick used on this card was to coat my yellow twine with glue and once it dried, the twine could easily be shaped in whatever fashion I desired.

For the inside, I continued with the idea of arrows and handcut the pop-up element:

Chin Up Card Insert Small

I am in the midst of having more fun with my kit, so stay tuned for a few more creations, have a browse on Clique Kits’ blog and join in the fun too!

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