All Grown Up

These days, the luxury of being able to scrap is a pleasure I totally devour. I love how cutting and pasting gives me the space to reflect and slow down, to consider how I live, to be grateful for all that we have. This recent layout celebrates Sage. My little girl is all grown up now, going to school eeryday and loving every moment of it. In fact, it seems to be a torture for her when we tell her that it’s the weekend or the school hols! I was the one who had to learn to let go when we made the decision to send her to nursery, instead of schooling her myself. She totally thrives on social interaction and all the fun she has with her friends in school does so much good for her.

Grow Layout Small

This layout is a reminder for her and for us what we desire for her to learn and aspects to grow in. I particularly loved this exercise, which made me reflect why she is there, instead of it being merely a rite of passage. I also had fun creating those tassels in the top left hand corner. Love making my own embellishments and that was loads of fun.

My dear Sage, keep growing, love those around, think and bless those around you. We are so proud of you.


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