One of the things I miss about living down under is sharing moments with dear friends over a cup of tea. I miss entering shops and hearing people talk about morning tea, enjoying playdates with fellow mummies where we catch up while the kids play. In sunny Singapore, having a cold drink is more common, given the crazy humidity. Nonetheless, inspired by my Aussie moments and the desire to invite a good friend over soon, here’s “Thirstea?”, my 3D teacup card.

Thirstea Card This creation was inspired by a packet of coffee beans, which featured a 3D cup on the front. After some tries, I was so happy to successfully create my own cuppa! Just for the fun of it,  this card reads, “thirstea?”

What’s your favorite tea? Make mine an earl grey=)


One thought on “Thirstea?

  1. yyam says:

    Ahhh…this is so sweet! I love the pun!

    P/s: I still drink tea, even in hot, humid Singapore. Icy cold drinks upset my tummy! I love Earl Grey but these days, I’m really into fruity teas.

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