New Spring

With Chinese New Year just a week away, each day has been filled with much cleaning, preparing and creating. The nephews adore handmade gift cards for the season, so this was made for them this year:

New Spring Card

Happy to have the opportunity to play with some coredination cardstock for this card. The Chinese characters on it mean “New Spring”, which is what Chinese New Year is all about – celebrating the dawn of a new year, with the start of spring. Time to create and scrap these days are limited, what with having to look after the kids. Nonetheless, all the stamping, die cutting and sanding sure made me very happy. I like how folding the sides of the three yellow rectangle background pieces before sandpapering them gives them some added dimension. Took liberty to include the ornate frames at the bottom of the card too – afterall, it’s CNY and I think they really complement the rest of the stuff on the card. So happy to have stumbled upon this card sketch on Coredination’s blog. I’m all set for the new spring! At least in the gift card giving department. Now back to the cleaning and dusting…=)


3 thoughts on “New Spring

  1. suzannalee72 says:

    gong hei fat choy! Tad early, I know but we’re looking forward to celebrating too! I LOVE what you did with this sketch! I would NEVER have thought of this, it’s just perfect!

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