On the Road Again…

So there we have it… Four glorious years Down Under. It is here that we became a family of four, learnt to slow down, basked in God’s beautiful creation and became a part of a wonderful community. It’s hard saying goodbye… The Significant Other and I are certainly sad that we have to do so, but ultimately, what makes it all so much more bearable is we are all in it together and regardless of where we are, we are together.

Come September, we say hello to my homeland once again. The extended family is totally thrilled and we canoot wait for all the children to get together. Meanwhile, the house is filled with boxes and we hear Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice and Satay calling our names. I cannot wait to check out the scrapbooking shops back there and get some ink on my fingers again. 

When we first came, God gave us double rainbows while driving into Canberra. Today, while praying and playing with Sage, He did it again. An assurance of what is to come. Gorgeous double rainbows seen from our home. Life can only get sweeter…

 Double Rainbows


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