Scrapbooking Memories Blog Hop: When Rage Gets the Better of Me…

Welcome to Scrapbooking Memories Blog Hop! I’m honoured to be part of this fun filled event and thank you for taking the time to visit my little space here on the internet. If you found your way here, you must have come been directed here from Sarah’s lovely website or from Scrapbooking Memories’ inspiring new blog. If you somehow stumbled here as your first port of call, you might want to start from the beginning of this hop to have a better guess of what this blog hop’s theme is:

Jasmine Shea

Leanne Allinson

Sharmaine Kruijver

Beth Jarrett

Kim Jeffress

Geli Duncan

I haven’t been posting much of late, given that life has been happening and I have been real tired. Will save the details for another post some time soon. Nonetheless, when Cassie suggested the possibility of being involved in this blog hop, I said, “why not?” Hence, I created the following, a half page layout, titled “Wrath”.


Here, I decided that I would let the emotion and journalling do the talking. No pics, given how ugly I must look in a photo being angry. Instead, I tried to incorporate techniques which I thought might convey the feelings I felt when dwelling on the topic of anger.

I first crushed up a piece of white cardstock before misting it with mustard ink and smearing red over the creases. Then I went stamp happy – using my 7 gypsies self inking stamp and had a field day creating those squares you see on the layout=). This compulsive, crazy, over the top scrapping style did not stop there. See the letter “W”? I decided that I would fill it with dots. So out came my Big Bite and I started punching holes in my creation. Talk about therapy – creating to let off steam and completing a layout at the same time. Can’t get any better yah? I decided to burn the bottom of my layout, to symbolise how rage consumes and burns me.

Finally, my personal journalling that runs right across the page, to help me remember that really, at the end of the day, wrath and anger gets me no where… well, except perhaps some fun with my supplies. It sure appears that I might need to create another half page layout, dedicated to serenity, just to balance all the anger found in this one. =)

I hope you take the time and try creating a little something to capture those feelings inside you that are often buried beneath all the pretties that we often scrap. I think I came out happier than I was before, after acknowledging that it’s ok that I am so not perfect=) Thanks once again for popping by and I hope you continue to have fun as you keep guessing what the theme of our blog hop is! Do leave a comment telling me what your guess is or perhaps even just sharing how you get all those frustrations out of you! This blog hop will continue tomorrow, starting in the morning with Melinda Thompson’s amazing site. Enjoy hopping and guessing!


12 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Memories Blog Hop: When Rage Gets the Better of Me…

  1. Geli Duncan says:

    Sometimes it helps to get things out and onto paper. I like to trim the hedge when I need to blow some steam (we’ve had it really short before!)
    I love your W with all the holes punched.

  2. Renee Iveson says:

    LOVe the emotion on this work of art Sophie! I am at that place too atm but God has a plan and purpose for all of us! Keep up the scrapping and art making as your work is way inspiring!
    luv Renee

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