Our Daily Walk

Almost every week day, after Sage wakes up from her afternoon nap, we go gallivanting around town. It’s always fun to spot changes – in nature, in the buildings or even in the people we meet. These walks about this charming little town of Queanbeyan brings us much delight (and exercise) and I’m happy that the little one has as much fun as I do on these walks. What better way to remember these sights, than to create a layout? And in this case, an interactive layout.

On this layout, I included a map of the town and tonnes of pictures that were taken during one of our recent walks. See those bottle caps? Those were filled with UTEE and loads of colorful buttons and beads. When pulled, each of these caps revel a photo and details of the photos. Have a look:

Glad that I got to include a pop-up mechanism on a layout. More rainbow creations are on my crafty desk presently and I’m hoping to post them here soon. In the meantime, we’re enjoying our time out in the sun, as this cold winter (it snowed in Canberra the other day!)  is slowly, but surely showing signs of spring. Hurray!


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