Core Cards Creative Frenzy

I love Core’dinations cardstock!!! I love its versatility, the surprise each sanding reveals and challenging myself to use it in so, so many different ways. Totally excited when I learnt that Core’dinations is looking for design team members, just to create cards! Yay! An opportunity for me to have fun and be on an amazing team! So, here are my creations using these amazing cardstock.

My first card is inspired by Sage’s love for dinosaurs. This little girl is going through a dino phase with each day filled with loads of “roar!!!!” I thought it will be fun to create cards that mimic book covers. So here’s the first of hopefully, many more “book cards” to come.

See those dinosaur footprints stomping the front of my card? Each footprint was an oval tag die which I cut triangles into. Love how embossing the black cardstock and sanding it gave it a texture that works so well with the whole dino idea. The “stitched” border running around the stamped dinosaur was created using a needle tool to scratch off bits of the black to reveal the orange beneath. The really fun aspect of this card, however, lies in who dwells within. Ready to have a peek? Here goes:

Mr Dinosaur himself! My passion for creating pop-up cards came into play here and it sure was fun trying to “fit” Mr Dinosaur in this bookcard. The texture on the  green cardstock made Mr Dinosaur come alive and some black embossed spots completed him. Sage loves opening this card and squeals each time she does. Lovely=)

Next up, “You Are The Apple of My Eye”. Because Core’dinations cardstocks are textually rich, especially when embossed, I wanted to show how bits of them could be used to create beautiful cards as well. I cut an apple shape and filled it with bits of embossed Core’dinations cardstock. The leaf was sanded and scored to add dimension. See the filmstrip? I sanded a piece of Whitewash cardstock and ran it through my Zutter binding machine to create my very own filmstrip. A yummy card for someone special.

But wait! There’s more! Pop-up magic once again on the inside – more apples! I could not stop at creating one apple, so I made not one, not two, but three apples. I say the more the merrier!

For my final card, I thought I might grow a flower with my sticky fingers:

My Flower Bloom card. This started out as a round card. After the flower was completed, I thought it would be fun to create a card on a stick / stem. Just like a lolly! I like how sanded Whitewash cardstock resemble lace. Each petal was made from an oval diecut tag. Want to re-create this? Here were the steps I took:

Step 1: Cut 6 oval tags from one sheet of cardstock (bottom petals. I used purple here) and another 6 oval tags from a different colored sheet (top petals. I used maroon here). For the base, I used a die to cut a round card.

Step 2: After all tags have been sanded and scored down the middle, cut a slit on the top of each tag.  Do note that the slit for the bottom petals do not need to be as long.

Step 3: Overlap each side of the tag to form a raised petal. The tags that form the bottom petals do not need to ber overlapped as much. As you can see in this photo, after the sides of each tag has been glued together, the bottom petals will be bigger than the top petals.

Step 4. Adhere the petals to the round cardbase.

Step 5: Once all the petals are attached to the cardbase, finish off the center of the flower with a yellow middle. I added texture to this by sticking smaller circles on it.

Step 6. Complete the card with a tag, a stem and a leaf. My stem was formed out of a piece of cardstock which I rolled and wrapped with washi tape to add color.

Tadah! All done! Ready for you to present to a beautiful someone=)

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had creating these cards. For the people at Core’dinations, thanks for taking the time to consider my submission. Thanks too for creating such a versatile product! Encore!


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