Settling In

It’s been a month since we took the adventure to attend the Scrapbooking Convention up North. What an experience that was! I’m still getting over the fun I had sharing at the talk, the excitement of finally meeting the other masters and just being able to soak up the creative energy in that place. Thankful that the Beloved so kindly took care of sage while I got to indulge in some scrapping pleasure.

We got home after enjoying the considerably warmer weather to be thrown into loads of activity and settling in – not to mention the cold. I got into a creative frenzy, having to meet a few deadlines and attempting to rid my fingers of the itch from the need to create. Of course in the midst of all these, there was the Beloved trying to get the next chapter of his thesis done, getting Sage to her music and swimming classes and planning a couple of church events. We’re throughly  grateful for the travel opportunity, yet really, being home is a charm too. Pics of what I have been doing to follow soon, while I tend to the little one – poor darling is down with a fever. This winter weather is really making everyone sick. Some soup will cheer her up.



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