Little People

This love with Little People figures really started when we inherited some toys from a lovely boy during Christmas. Sage love these little figures, not so much the accessories, and rarely is there a day that goes by without her interacting with them. Ok, admitedly, Mummy love them too! I love hunting for them in op shops and oh, the thrill of spotting one!

We usually stand them around a table and pretend that the Little People are dancing. The other night, after Sage had gotten all of them to form a circle, I asked her, “Are they dancing?” To my surprise, she said “praying, Mummy!” My little girl was re-enacting what happened at church, where everyone laid hands and prayed for someone.

My,my, little kids really learn loads from observing us, adults! It blows my mind to witness how much little ones learn each day. Here’s to more fun with Little People and with my Little One!


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