Ohhhh…..You Mean…….

the word is out? Yes! It is!!!! After months of waiting since September 12, I can finally shout out loud and say that “Hey, I’m a Scrapbooking Memories Master for the 2012 Team!!!!!”

 Praise God!!! Long story follows, for my own sake really, to remember how surreal it all felt…

 When we first arrived Down Under in 2009, I wanted to join this competition. Unfortunately, with all my supplies in transit and us settling in, I decided that it was a no go. Then came 2010. Sage arrived and we travelled for the next 7 months. No go once again. I told the Significant Other, I must at least submit once! So with bated breath this year, I decided that this was it. My time to create and enjoy this competition, an item on my wishlist.

After submitting my entry in August, it was a nail bitting one month where I kept wondering and asking the Significant Other about the possibility of winning. He says it best when he reminded me of the fun I had creating them, and how that is all that matters.  So when 10 September came around, the date when I thought the results would be out and I had no call, I reckon that I can look forward to December to admire the creations of all the talented people in Australia.

Two days later, after Sage finally took her afternoon nap and I was getting ready to get some scrapping done, I thought I heard my phone buzz. Opps, I had silenced it without knowing. Worried that the call might wake the baby, something I really did not want happening, I answered the phone in a whisper. There Cassie was, congratulating me on winning. It all happened so suddenly, I could not catch her name, only head “Scrapbooking Memories” and there I was still whispering, saying “really? Thank you…” and that’s it! Must have come across as really weird for Cassie! With that, the long wait started, but it was really happy days at the Post Office, collecting all my prize parcels. It came to a point that the ladies there knew who I was and would automatically pull out my parcels for me=) Hilarious…

30 November came and went. When I could not locate anyone announcing their win on the internet, I was afriad I got the announcement date wrong again! So I waited…Today, trusty Google showed me who the other winners are and guess what, yup, I’m no. 10 to announce. So if anyone sees this, yes, Hi! I’m Sophie and I’m honoured to be called a Scrapbooking Master for 2012. I still cannot believe that I have won and am humbled to be in this group of ten. The other ladies create such beautiful work!!!!! Next year is gonna be so exciting!!! I’m still getting my head around it all! Now to see my layouts in print. Can’t wait!!!

To my fellow Masters, huge congrats!!! I look forward to knowing each and everyone of you better!


11 thoughts on “Ohhhh…..You Mean…….

  1. kimj says:

    Hey Sophie sooooooo excited to be finally meeting you , how exciting!!!!! BTW I have announced you on facebook with all the others….looking forward to getting to know you too!

  2. Binxcat1 says:

    AH HA! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS… we would all love to welcome you… do you have facebook? There are a LOT of eager ladies waiting to congratulate you and get to know you. Your scrapping looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to see more in the mag soon!

  3. Kaitlynne says:

    Hi Sophie! The suspense was killng me not knowing who was lucky number 10! A huge congratulations to you, I look forward to seeing what you create in 2012! I had a look through your blog and I just love your style, beautiful!
    Kaitlynne Roil.

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