When Living Happens…

this blog gets neglected…

Never mind if no one visits, never mind if no posts get posted.

Life has been fun, fulfilling and fantabulous!

I’ve been creating to my heart’s content, enjoying the company of a little one who is not so little any longer (18 months soon!!!!), and just savouring each moment of the day. More details to come over the next few blog posts, but here’s a glimpse into the little one who brings me so, so much joy!

See why Mummy is the one who decides what she wears? If not, Sage will be more than happy leaving the house with her pants on her head, and completely decked out with Mummy’s necklace!


One thought on “When Living Happens…

  1. Rostina says:

    Hi Sophie, Ros here!! I have been coming into the page to view your posts but was very busy since last November…From my angle, I thought Sage was wearing a unique scarf you made for her..haha, but until I read the sentence then realise it’s her pants! =) She has grown so much, into a pretty girl 🙂

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