Zut, Zut!

I realised I’ve loads of Zutter projects that I’ve not shared here on the blog. Below are but some of them. Do click on my Flickr link to see more. Better yet, visit Zutter!

Of all my recent Zutter creations, this one has to be my favourite, given that the idea has been brewing in my head for the longest time and it’s finally completed!

Other ideas that came while creating with the ever versatile Zutter products include: 

A card holder, something I needed so that I have a go to box that is clearly tabbed so that I can reach for that special card for that special someone on that special occasion.

A CD holder, idea courtesy of the Significant Other who thought it might be a good place to hold all the CDs in our car. Yes, we have yet to fall into the ipod/iphone family. This also held CDs we thought we would play when I was in labour, but when that day came, it turned out that I could not focus with music on. I got too emotional with the music we had selected. Instead, silence became my best friend=)

My driving plate album. I like this as it holds pictures taken at the different places we visited while I was learning to drive. I like how I could turn these plates into album covers!

A journal for me to chronicle Sage’s first month in this world. As you can see, when this photo was taken, she has not arrived and we did not know her gender then. Hence no name on the cover! Love that cut pilot and plane there!

A visual album of only black and white images to help Baby Sage see better. Apparently, newborn babies can only see these two colors clearly! Here she is in action, practising to be a Zutter Zister! Can’t believe how much she has grown!

With that, I look forward to having more fun with my Zut Zut once we return to Roo Land!


5 thoughts on “Zut, Zut!

  1. Jus says:

    Hello! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment over at my blog! 🙂 I really love your creations, the merry-go-round and the driving plate album are just plain awesome!

  2. Patty says:

    I am a newbie to this site and I was browing around and discovered your site or blog. I really love everything you have made. They are georgeous! I especially like your card box. Do you have instructions on how to make the box?

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