Blessings, disguised or otherwise

When Sage came along, I found myself telling the Significant Other that “hey, I don’t remember putting my nephews to bed to be such a challenge, or babies waking up so often in the night.” He had to remind me, “Of course! You are an auntie to them. Now, you’re Sage’s Mummy!” True. Mummyhood has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge and challenges. Much as we go about our days with our eyebags and activities planned around feed and nap times, it is the best thing that has happened. Being parents really teaches us to be less selfish as one continually gives to this little bundle that depends on us for everything. That’s our blessing – our characters are refined.

With that, I decided to challenge myself to create an A-Z album of Sagely goodness and moments, specially for the little darling and to remind ourselves of the blessings we’re given as parents. Given that we’re in the midst of travelling around, most of my scrapping goodies and happily under lock and key in a garage. In a way, this too is a blessing in disguise – my entire scrapping process is shortened, given that I do not need to rummage through loads to determine what materials to use. Also, I love how attention is given to the photos and embellies remain as they should be – there as embellishments, not focus. The following two layouts were created using two patterned papers (yummy cosmo cricket!) and two pieces of cardstock. What I loved most was the fact that nothing gets wasted and I’ve got scraps left to make a card even! I even used the strip found on the bottom of the patterned papers to embellish the pages! Love how they fit in so beautifully together! I told myself this should and shall be the way to go, scrapping wise, henceforth.

So let’s start from the very beginning – A is for Arrival. Sage’s arrival into our world.

Looking back at these pictures, isn’t it incredible how a child’s features keep evolving with time? While creating this layout, I really cannot remember the little one looking like that. These days, this is the Sage we are familiar with. A Sage that laughs loads. So L is for Laughter.

With these, I’m just so happy that as the Little One grows, Mummy is getting time to scrap and it’s certainly something Mummy needs to keep itchy fingers at bay and somehow, the eyebags no longer seem to be such a big deal.


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