Of Buzz and Bloom – Part 2

My adventures with Buzz and Bloom products continued, especially with the arrival of our greatest blessing.

Our best creation, our Masterpiece to date, is celebrated in the following layouts, as we

gazed on her growth in the womb:

prepared for her arrival with handmade blankies, toys, clothes etc:

asked ourselves:

marvelled at changes, both physical and responsibilities wise:

And finally, values we hope to imbue in her:

Buzz and Bloom, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope all goes well with you Div and here’s not a “goodbye”, but a “see you soon”!


One thought on “Of Buzz and Bloom – Part 2

  1. Devorah Koronczyk says:

    Hi Sophie,

    I loved reading this, and seeing all of your Buzz and Bloom pages all in one place! Your work is stunning and shows of our products so well. It is for sure not a goodbye, and you’ll definietly be “in the loop” if/when the soon in see you soon arrives! 😉

    Hugs, keep scrapping babe!

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