Maybe Baby….

Here we are, entering into May and this is a much anticipated month. As of Monday, bubby is ready to meet us in person ANYTIME!!!! Woohoo!!!! We’re in Week 37!!! We can’t wait! So Baby, when will it be? We say come real soon!

Pregnancy has been a really smooth journey, with no puking (ok, the occasional feeling of nausea), sickness or complications. Mummy brains did not get to me, it has been fun swimming and walking, with the latter still happening daily. Weight gain has been healthy and phew, while I feel like a whale, It’s been good to know that most of the weight is right in front, as friends would comment (that’s me at Week 35). Father, thank you so, so much for all these and more! Now, all that is left is for bubby to make his/her arrival.  

So baby, know that Daddy and Mummy are ready and can’t wait to meet you to dance together!


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