April Where have you Gone?

April is going by so quickly and so much has happened!

1. I was featured here and here.=) Okie, so theoratically these were featured in March, but I have been behind time in writing about them here.

2. I got my drivers’ license! Yeah! That’s one for the record, with the Beloved being my driving instructor, we did it in a matter of 74 days! So now I’m all set to driving bubby around Australia!

3.  Because we were trying to complete the above said project before bubby arrives, that also meant that we got to travel around quite abit as I tried to chalk up the required 120hrs before I sat for my driving test. Beautiful towns and sightes were witnessed in the course of this endevour:

So it has been truly an eye-opener and every Thursday had been fun as we discovered and learnt more about Australia, be it at Goulburn, Cooma, Cowra, Bungendore, Braidwood or Yass! It was also a treat eating all types of yummy pies and goodies at these locations. The funniest thing that happened was that on our way back one night, we were stopped by the trafiic police who were conducting their routine checks. It was interesting having my breath analysed, though I was so tempted to step out of the car to show my growing bump! It had to be either the darkness of perhaps my inconspicuous bump did not catch her attention. Haha, pregnant lady on a learner’s licence being tested for alcohol consumption. Wonder what would have happened if I had really stepped out?=P

4. Getting ready for bub. We’re all set to go, having washed, cleaned and purchase all things necessary. We really love the fuss free, simple policy that the Birth Centre at Canberra Hospital has. Really, loads of stuff are not needed for bubby and is but part of an attempt by manufacturers for mummys and daddys to be to buy, buy, buy! So we’re truly gratful that we have the midwives at the centre to seek help from and to clarify our doubts. With that said, we also completed our antenatal classes, and had a lovely experience about different active birthing positions. We’re all set. It’s now down to baby arriving!  

5. On the creative front, I’ve also been busy trying to complete my assignments, lest I go into labour before they are completed. So, I’m happy that I’ve above waters and can breath a little easier on that front. Here were the other projects for Zutter for April:

A Blessings Book for Bubby, where when visitors come to our place, they can write a prayer or blessing for the little one… We’re just waiting to know if it’s a boy or girl to write the appropriate name on the cover.

Luggage tags for us to use for our travels soon. I like the papers on this one and am glad that really, with paper, all things can be personalised!

My creations for Buzz and Bloom can be found here.

6. There was of course Easter, which was fun, given how big a festival it is here. For us, it was humbling to remember once agian Christ’s act on the cross for us. We had an Easter Festival at the flats in Canberra where with a steak burger sizzle, pinatas and egg decorating activity, the residents were given some much needed cheer.

So April, that’s where you went, filled with celebrations (that’s right. I also celebrated my birthday yesterday!) , cheer and exploration. Next up, what will May bring?


One thought on “April Where have you Gone?

  1. Rostina says:

    I like the shelves of bottles and the luggage tags too, very pretty graphics on the papers. I am surprised you learn driving while in pregnancy. Maybe Bubby is also enjoying ur rides around the different locations. Sophie is playful at wanting to step out to show tummy. But, I think it’s exciting to see the other’s reaction too. =P

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