Choo Choo!!!

Ever had one of those moments where right in the middle of trying to sleep, everything just comes together and makes sense? Well, I had that some time back, which resulted in this Train Container Project for Zutter. It all started with me being excited about the Hang-It-Alls, one of the company’s new CHA products. Somewhere in the middle of falling asleep and putting away all the creative ideas I had in my head, it dawned on me that hey, hose hang-It-Alls certainly resemble those joints between train carriages! So, this was birthed:


Chances are, these will be home to cotton balls and ear buds for bub. The Beloved and I had a fun time deciding if we should stick each carriage to the base and decided that they should be left alone, so that once bub is big enough to play with them, there’s an option of switching carriages and base around. In the meantime, it seems like we’re the ones having fun with it, pulling it across our dining table.  I love also how the owires served to be a fantastic base to hold each carriage and the function as a pivot between the two paper wheels.

 For March, these were also created:

 This weather chart was created for the children my sister teaches. I think they’ll have fun flipping the days and weather, and perhaps, she’ll appoint a weather chart monitor=)

 Finally, a felt bag. This was an experiment hat went right, putting the Bind-It-All to the test. This nifty machine certainly cuts through felt! It helped that the felt was attached to a sheet of paper before running through the machine, just like how backing is attached to fabric sometimes before the latter is stitched.


On the Bubby front, my, we’re into our 31st week! Time is really, really whizzing by and we’re really getting into the swing of welcoming our product of love. Bub’s kicks are getting so strong and the other day, the Beloved actually felt a strong kick on his palm! Then at the pool, he felt something round and hard and thought that he had located bub’s head. He was proved right the next day when we visited our midwife.=) So bub’s head is facing downward, much to our delight and hey, we’re in our final lap! Now, it’s up to everyone to guess if we’re having a boy or a girl=)

2 thoughts on “Choo Choo!!!

  1. Rostina says:

    I share your excitement on Bub’s arrival. =) Bub’s really blessed to have you as mummy and to handmake many lovely gifts for him/her.

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