I’ve been Kidnapped!

By my crochet needles to say the least. Being the last month of summer here Down Under, the beloved and I have been having a really busy schedulestudying, reading, visiting places and creating stuff in preparation of bub’s arrival. My needles, sewing machine and wool basket have been calling out to me constantly to use them, hence the lack of finger energy to type a post…hee hee, all types of excuses for not posting…

For February, these were projects created for Zutter:

My A-Z book of animals, which is once again going to be an educational tool for Bub. More pics can be found on the Zutter Zisters Design Gallery.


See the pink shelf liner? That was a Valentine’s day decor. I love my red shelving unit to bits and it holds my craft supplies… Can’t imagine living without it now! Finally, a stationery gift pack for someone you love:

Also, for February, I started creating stuff for Buzz and Bloom. Do stop by here and leave some love!

Before you head off, did you hear about the new hang-it-alls from Zutter? Here’s a chance for you to win some too!



4 thoughts on “I’ve been Kidnapped!

  1. Kate says:

    glad to hear that all’s well with you and the bub… hope your not affected by the crazy weather.. haha… take care!

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