Summer is Getting to Me…

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that I can get really lazy in posting… Now, not that I don’t think about blogging, but I never really get down to the actual act of it, if you know what I mean. Like I’ve mentioned before, should every thought I have of writing be translated into a post, then surely, this blog will be updated perhaps even multiple times a day! Here Down Under, I’m learning what it means to be Aussie in the Summer, where nothing really happens from the week before Christmas to the end of January. Everyone is out playing somewhere, enjoying the summer weather, travelling all around! For me, it’s just a good time of going to the park for an evening concert  and picnic with friends, heading to the pool with the Beloved, soaking in the excitement as we catch cricket and tennis matches on tele, which are really, really huge here (note: I’m not a bug sports fan, but I think these two sports are getting me really excited. I actually know the rules now and root for my favourite players!) and of course, just spending time creating stuff for bub and for pleasure.

With January almost over, and 2010 slowly settling in, the anticipation for the arrival of bub is continually mounting. Can you believe it that I’m almost 6 months preggers? We’ve been here for 7 months and most of that time Bub has been with us? May, please come soon, and we’ll meet Bub face to face! We certainly can’t wait! For family and friends who have been asking us about Bub’s gender, just knowing that the Beloved and I would love to be surprised at the finale, when he catches Bub and declare, “it’s a Boy!/Girl!” I like to think that God has designed nine months of pregnancy for us to prepare for Bub’s arrival, be it learning more about parenting, considering how we can raise Bub in the ways of God and the down right practicalities of getting clothes, prams etc. While it may be more challenging having to get or make stuff that are gender neutral, I’ve been enjoying the challenge of doing so and also living in the anticipation and suspense as people around make guesses on Bub’s gender. You might want to have a go at it too. Results will be out in May 2010=)

On the creative front, I’ve been doing stuff, only not posting them…Here’s stuff done for Zutter. As you can tell, it’s more stuff to help us prepare for Bub’s arrival. I personally love the journal, which is going down in Bub’s memory box, for him/her to read in future.

All my preggers pics, notes, preparation lists, thoughts through the trimesters are all here, a one stop book for me to refer to.

My Bub Hub notepad that’s conveniently located on the fride door, where the Beloved and I jot down stuff that we need to get each week.

Finally, a layout with a Zutter picture pocket, where I can change the pic anytime at whim. i like this, simply for a fact that the pictures can change progressively as Bub grows bigger in me. Heehee, of course what you see here is not Bub, but rather, the first time we found out that we’re preggers!


For more detailed pics, do visit Zutter’s site. Well, come February, I’ll try my best to post more often, hopefully and more updates on what I’ve been up to coming right up!


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