Two Years On…

Today, two years ago, we were united… So thankful for this blessing of having the Beloved in my life. So for Pink Sketches this week, I celebrated our union with this:

What we’re most grateful for this year as we celebrate is….come May next year, we’re having our little one join us…Yes, we’re expecting! So excited! Bub is growing well and having gone through the first trimester of desiring to sleep loads, we’re tremendously grateful for a smooth pregnancy thus far…. So if you had wonder why my posts were fewer in the last couple of months, mummy was resting, praising God for blessing us with our best creation ever…Bub…Ā  I’ve stopped work at the florist, given it best to avoid carrying the heavy buckets of water, and have been spending time reading up on baby and reading to baby and of course, creating. We can’t wait for bub to arrive! Thank you God for everything!


4 thoughts on “Two Years On…

  1. Hui Mei says:

    I love how Daddy God has been in both of your life in one! šŸ™‚ I’ll be there to meet your baby in May! I am sooooo happy! Daddy God loves you, you and you! Hello Little sweet baby! Aunty will meet you soon! šŸ™‚

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