Just Keep Swimming…

Ever watched Finding Nemo? I’ll always remember catching this film with my nephew and the Beloved and how much fun we had…While Dory is so absent-minded, I like her philosophy of just forging ahead, in spite of all circumstances…. These days have been exciting, but tiring too, which numerous activities packed in, like having an all night scrapathon from 6pm – 6am at Yommie’s Place, my LSS where I teach classes. It was fun hanging out with the ladies, dressed in our PJs, having a sizzle, singing crazy songs and scrapping into the night. That certainly helped me completed numerous pages! Here are some for Pink Sketches that have been fun to create:

Just Keep Swimming, a personal reminder not to fear anything, anyone or any circumstance, but to always stay afloat…we all need that at some point in our lives, don’t we?

Just Keep Swimming Small

Then here’s the next, which again shows how much I miss all the lovely food I can find readily in Singapore and Malaysia…. An ode to all the cravings I have. Only that, I have to do all the cooking of the dishes when I want to eat them, instead of happily skipping downstairs, to the eateries near my home to buy from uncle a packet of chicken rice, or from the lovely Malay auntie, my sambal goreng (veges fried with chilli)…

Cravings Small

I’m slowly learning to slow down and smell the roses…Admiring the beauty all the around and gasping at just how creative God is… The Beloved and I love driving home and just taking in the skyline and the beautiful trees and blooms that surround us…Of course the birds here are also more aggressive. I always revel in his stories of how magpies and ducks attack him when he’s out cycling…Must be quite a sight.=) Thank God for His protection however, given how common a phenomemnon this is, that cyclists here are often attacked. In fact, most cyclists here wear sticks in their helmets, in a bid to scare off the birdies, though I think they still try nonetheless, but fewer attempts are made. So here’s to God, the Creator, who’s 100% original. See the word “Bloom”? I ran out of “L” and “O”, so “1” and “0” replaced them, making them a lovely touch in capturing the essence of this page.

Bloom Small

More on life soon to be posted, while I continue to happily cook, create and celebrate life…Ta!


3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming…

  1. Hui Mei says:

    it’s so heartening to see how Daddy God has kept you so occupied with the very things you love to do! He is indeed your providence! I always love to read your blog! 🙂 Be blessed! Shalom! 🙂

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