Page after Page…

Not posting much these days, but that does not translate into not creating. In fact, here’s a post filled with pics. BUT before we get to that, thanks for all you well wishes and for sharing my joy! I’m throughly blessed by al lthe opportunities I’ve received of late in the world of creating. Before I post pics, allowed me to invite you to join us at Zutter for a Blog Hop! The OZZ Ladies, ie, the pioneer, original Zutter Zisters are having a blog hop and just by leaving comments, you might win some yummies for yourself!

First up, here are the pages created for Pink Sketches for the last few weeks, which I have been slow to post.

Rollin' Good Time Small

That’s Sketch #48, which celebrates the time spent with my bro-in-laws and sis-in-law bowling during Boxing Day last year. I certainly miss them heaps!

Jervis Bay Small

Next up, a cheerful happy page of our trip to Jervis Bay to do some whale watching. It was absolutely delightful and we enjoyed ourselves throughly, from the beautiful weather, to the whales, food and friends we made.

Sojourn Small

Last but not least, this week’s, marking it Pink Sketches’ #50, it’s Sojourn, a reflective page, as we trust the Lord to lead us. As sojourners through life, uncertain of what the future holds, we can only pray and seek His face… These days, we learning to do a lot more of that, knowing that ultimately, we can control nothing…

Not sure if you remember an earlier post where I mentioned how the Beloved and I love to make a special purchase for significant places we visit? For our honeymoon to Penang, we bought Mr Royal Typewriter, which I have not mentioned nor introduced to the world…yet…

Do the Write Thing Small

Say hi to Mr Royal Typewriter, whom I fell in love with the instance I laid my eyes on him. Do the Write Thing! A page created as an ode to my honours year thesis on Righting Myths….

I’ve got loads more to share, but they will have to wait for now, as I return to the process of cutting, sticking and getting myself messy. Thanks for being patient and do stay tuned!


One thought on “Page after Page…

  1. Fuyuki says:

    Nice whale sophie. Howz life? ok well, I’m going to be aunty next year right? haha. Well first aunt at dad’s side. Waiting to see the baby will be as fair as I am then. hehe..
    OOps… remember bring me gifts ya. ^^ I should have remind you every month. hehe so that you won’t forget.
    Having fun in canberra aren’t you? So expecting any weird things happen? morning sickness? hehe… or like drama, loves eating sour plum?

    Jacintha ^^

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