I Love My Mee

One of my earliest memories from my childhood involves noodles, otherwise known as mee back home. To be specific, fishball noodles. Back then, a bowl of mee would cost $1.50 and the uncle that prepared the mee would always add a hearty dollop of ketchup to my bowl. I’ll always remember the day that my nanny praised me when I could actually finish eating an entire bowl of mee! Till today, mee one of those things I I love eating and since arriving here, I’ve been missing my wanton mee. So, the challenge was to create my own. Here’s the result of my hunger and craving:

Wan Ton Mee Small

How’s that? I was delighted that I managed to have some char siew(roast pork) in it too! All created from scratch=) So much for tooting my own horn… Just wanted to remember this moment that really, the most important ingredient in cooking is passion and nothing will be impossible… Ok, being hungry helps too…One of these days, I’ll be doing my own laksa…Me want mee!


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