I Like Surprises

A little while back, a kind Lady, Ellen, emailed me about this layout. Was I surprised to find out today that I’m featured on Core’dinations’ blog! Thanks Ellen for this feature. You have truly made my day=)

In the same vein, here’s a shout out to the ladies who have been so generous with your comments and praises. To Kate, Felicia, Huimei and Ros, let it be known that your words never cese to put a smile on my face=)

Here’s a recent layout created to utilise pictures that I had of the Beloved and I. You know how it is that often, after developing pics, we change our mind about which ones to include in a layout and we end up with a pile of pics that do not belong to the same event? Well, the Zutter solved my problem in this instance, where I scrapped about being Bound 4ever.

Bound 4ever Small

The owires served as an excellent embellishment to complement the message on this layout – that of how we’re united for life, a commitment we made the day we started dating. If you notice the top left hand corner, the equation there is not the result of my poor arithmatic.

Bound 4ever Detail 1 Small 

When you flip it open, it actually reads:

Bound 4ever Detail 2 Small

Tah dah! There’s a little surprise journalling there. And of course, more journalling at the bottom corner, where little embellies were tied to the owires:

Bound4ever Detail 3 Small

I say this layout was one of those where I really had loads of fun creating, not that I do not enjoy the others, but this one was challenging in terms of including different items to reinforce the subtle message and the layout, be it the frames overlays, the wires or the cherries…

Okie, since I’m on a roll, more surprises. While playing with the owires, I decided that my scrapping supplies should become wearable art as well. So this was what happened:

Owire Bracelet Small

When worn on my wrist, here’s how it looks like:

Owire Bracelet Worn Small

How’s that? I should try to make some earrings soon with the wires….another challenge..=)

Finally, another one of those ideas that caught my fancy – a mobile featuring the weather! There it is, hanging from our porch:

Mobile Hanging Small

Closer view of the top, where the wires were used as the main structure of this creation.

Mobile Small


Phew! That’s a lot of pics in one post! I hope you had as much fun looking at them as I had creating them. =) As for me, Im just waiting for more surprises=)


3 thoughts on “I Like Surprises

  1. Kate says:

    liked that li’l surprise journalling, but got excited about the bracelets! haha… that is super clever!

    and congratulations on being featured. yay! *huggies*

  2. Hui Mei says:

    awww! i love surprises i get whenever i check out your blog! i loveeeee every single bit of your wonderful creations! praise God! hehe. 🙂 we miss you! 🙂 and oh, you can use the mobile weather thingy for your baby’s cot decor! hehehe. 🙂

  3. rostina says:

    I am surprised and honoured my name is mentioned here in your entry! Thanks! I enjoy looking at your creations, they are really GOOOOD.. haha..i find the idea of making bracelet, books and earrings etc from scrap stuffs vonderful! hmm..then maybe they can last very very long, right? =)

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