I Can Count…

Pop-ups never cease to amaze me. I tell myself that when I have my own children, I’ll see to it that they have a good collection of pop-up books – and possibly mummy will be making them. Now, now don’t start guessing, I’m not pregnant, at least I don’t think I am=) So for the last week, I’ve been imagining and enjoying the entire process of putting this book together, “I Can Count: 1-5”. Come join me on this counting journey.

I Can Count Cover Small

So here’s the cover. THe entire book was bound using my beloved Zutter, which ensured that the pages will be held together forever, regardless of multiple handlings. Notice the little birdies? They’re our pal as we learn our numbers, through each page. So count with me now…

1 Big Blue Flower Small

1 big, blue flower, blooming in the sun.

See the ruler below the page? That will help us keep track of our progress=)

2 Kissing Birds Small

2 kissing birds, very much in love.

Ok, the Beloved cautioned on how appropriate is it to have this in a children’s book. My stand, teach them early on the real meaning of love. Parental Guidance=)

3 Tall Trees Small

3 Tall Trees, reaching for the skies.

Get your tongue moving, pronouncing each word clearly as you go along…. I like a little alliteration.

4 Beautiful Butterflies Small

4 beautiful butterflies, flying higher… and higher… and higher…

We’re progressing….see if you can remember what 1,2 and 3 were…

5 Barking Dogs Small

5 barking dogs, running round and round.

I love to see how the doggies are all about, barking their heads off. If you’ve made it to this point, well done! You can count!!!

Okie, that’s enough from the teacher for the day. It sure feels like I’m re-living my days as a teacher again. Thanks for humouring me my dear reader. You have a good day=)


3 thoughts on “I Can Count…

  1. Kate says:

    haha… such a fun pop-up book! you’ve just inspired me to make a similar one, just have to settle in and get my stash in order!

    one more week!

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