Exciting Stuff Has Been Happening…

Ok…So I haven’t blogged for a few days… Not that I did not want to, I did in my mind…But there has been loads going on…i’ve started a new job on a casual basis, at a local florist!!!! I’m totally over the moon with that one, as it’s a dream come true! Prior to coming, I mentioned to my mentor back home and my Beloved that I would love to have this opportunity to explore all things creative. The Lord heard my prayers and I’ve been happily meddling with flowers=) I’m not trained in floristry, so that makes the Lord’s goodness all the more sweeter, that someone was actually willing to offer me a position.  Working in a florist is more than just making flowers look good in a container. It’s back-breaking work tending to them – changing water, rotating the flower etc… So as you can imagine, my body is adjusting to this new job. I love every minute that I’m in the shop=)

Beyond that, I’ve also been busily creating stuff that will be posted over the next few days. First up, for Pink Sketches this week, we have Seeing Double:

Seeing Double Small


If you had read my earlier post about us spotting double rainbows when we were travelling to Canberra, this page is all about that. That’s my sis in the pic with me. Many people think we’re twins, but we’re certainly not, but we do have similar features and even my mum gets confused when we call home these days, mistaking us for each other=) Do check out Pink Sketches! We’re looking to add new designers to the team! 

I’m excited as tonight, I’ll be teaching for the first time at my LSS (Local Scrapbooking Shop). Totally grateful once agian for all these doors that the Lord has opened=)


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