The Best Embellishment…

The other night, while the Beloved and I were talking before turning in, we were discussing how embellies are such a big things for creating and he started this imaginery post which I think makes so much sense:

“You know how much we crafters love to have beautiful pages and try ways and means to embellish a page? I think the best embellishment any scrapbooker or crafter can ask for is…Time!!!”

 Having moved to a new land, where time is on my side, creating has been so much more fulfilling, what with me enjoying every step of the process. It’s not that I did not enjoy the process back home, but there was the constant nagging of uncompleted work, general fatigue and just this whole uninspired aura, as a result of my overworked state of being. I like how I’m able to grow from strength to strength through each piece I make, not having to worry that I’m taking too much time nor sleeping hours. I’ll readily admit that I’m blessed to affort this luxury. Given my present situation, I’ll live it to the fullest and learn how best to use my time wisely, so that when this best embellishment should one day not be on my side again, I’ll know how best to cope…

The layout for Pink Sketches this week is an example of me, having hopefully learnt from time management. Given the amount of stuff I was creating last week, I was happy to learn that the sketch lent itself well to a simpler layout and this was done after I returned home from the markets:

No 3 Small 

So all crafters out there, I say that money cannot buy us the best embellies. Ultimately, it’s all about how time is used…=) And I pray that you too, will enjoy the creative time you get.


One thought on “The Best Embellishment…

  1. Kate says:

    Well said, Sophie! There’s just way too many distractions plus stress from everyday life, even with time management! Haha..

    Keep on creating! *huggies*

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