To Market, to Market…

So we set off early in the morning to get our stall set up. It was fun, given it being my first ever market selling experience. Though the traffic was slow, it was good just making friends and admiring the beautiful works of others. Here’s a pic of my section of the stall:

Mill House Markets Small

Don’t be deceived by the blazing sun in the picture – this only last for a short while in the morning. Therafter, it moved to the other side of the court and we were left in the cold. We took occassional walks to toast ourselves and it was rather funny after a while. All in all, it was rewarding to know that there are like-minded people who take pride in creating handmade goodies. That is a good thing.


3 thoughts on “To Market, to Market…

  1. hui mei says:

    hello sophie!!!!!!! that’s soooooooo exciting!!!! lovely! what’s your name gonna be called? Sophie’s world! hehe. :):):)

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