Meet Canberra…

The Beloved and I have a thing for remembering significant places we visited by purchasing an item to remember the place by. For our honeymoon to Penang, it was an old typewriter, which I’ll write about in another post. As for Canberra, here’s what we got.  This was a lovely find we found while out treasure hunting one day. By treasure of course I mean me hunting down potential craft godies=) So after leaving it in the shop for a month, the Beloved and I decided that should she still be in the shop when we return, she’ll be ours. So say hi to Canberra, named so as our way of commemorating where we got her…

Butterflies Small

Of course Canberra did not come all decked out in flowers and butterflies. That’s me at work at prettifying her. The butterflies were glimmer misted, once again, to give it some shine. So Canberra now stands proudly in our home, for us to admire and of course, to inspire me…

Butterflies Details 1 Small

I’m excited today, for tomorrow, I’ll be at a local crafts market selling some handmade items. It’s at a beautiful building called the Mill House, here in Queanbeyan. I’ll write about that soon, with pics=) And I’ll probably bring Canberra along=)


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