Spring into Action!

Hello September! We’re absolutely thrilled that today marks the start of spring in Australia! We’ve survived through our very first winter and now, we’re ready to experience another season, here downunder. As it is, we have been seeing signs of spring everywhere, with flowers blooming and trees covered in delicious pinks and white baby blooms. As it is in Canberra, we were told that right before spring arrives, we’ll get a serious bout of winds and cold before we can finally proclaim that a new season has arrived. So for the last five days, the wind has been crazily strong! Just the other night, the lights in the house flickered, and we experienced a temporal blackout as the cables were blown about ferociously.

September brings with it numerous adventures, of which one will be the opportunity to teach a couple of classes as a LSS. Here’s a peeky into a cards class that will be taught:

Classes Small


I’m thankful for this opportunity to share my ideas with others and thrilled to bits to have found new friends through this craft which I absolutely adore! Happy Spring time everyone! Hello Mr Sunshine!


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